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The Power in an Apology

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A WORD IN SEASON: Be a Good Thing!

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" Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD." Proverbs 18:22

"Whoso findeth a wife..." indicates a wife must be a mature woman who has been developed by God. Because God developed her, she is fashioned in value. Whatever is valuable is not easily discovered! Much like diamonds, attaining what is valuable and precious requires diligence in searching for it and discovering it. Diamonds are precious and are formed through many years of development while being hidden in the earth. Mining is required to harvest diamonds from the rock of earth, where they are deeply hidden and involves hard work requiring searching, digging, removing and freeing the diamonds of debris.


A TRUE wife is just like the diamond. She is developed by God Himself through much time obeying His Word, remaining in His purpose for her life and having her whole heart hidden inside His heart. To discover a wife, a man must first discover the heart of God, where her heart is hidden.


"A good thing" is something that is pleasant, agreeable, prosperous, rich, valuable and excellent. These “qualities of good” can only be developed by God. Because her heart is hidden in God, He has developed her into “a good thing.” It takes a TRUE man, one who has also been developed by God Himself into a good thing, to excavate her. The man who finds her, finds "...favor of the LORD." He will be blessed with pleasure, delight and acceptance, as opposed to displeasure, dislike and rejection.


Women of God, whether you are married or single, to receive the man that God has prepared for you, first be prepared by Him into a “good thing.” When you are shaped by God into a good thing, you are made precious and valuable, with an anointing to draw or attract what is good out of others, even if you’re already married. You also become so refined that it takes a man of the same kind to discover you hidden there inside the bosom and heart of God. Be a good thing and God will bring that “Good thing” into your life!





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Type of Men to Avoid (# 4 - "Mr. Player-Player" aka "Mr. Uncommitted" or "Mr. Heart Breaker")

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Mr. Player-Player – (aka Mr. Heart Breaker and Mr.Uncommitted). 

This man loves the gameand is a gaming master.  He is often veryattractive, a fact proven by the many women he is still flirting anddating.  All his old flings and new onesare still on his plate while he is trying to have a relationship with you.  You’ll quickly find that this fellow has littletime for you.  He’s too busy spendingtime with those who will feed his needs, which are many.


A “player” is a slang term denoting a man who is skilledat manipulating the emotions of others. They are especially skilled at SEDUCING women by pretending to caredeeply about them.  Closer scrutiny of aplayer’s schemes and tactics reveals he is only interested in one thing:  SEX! This guy has no understanding of relationships and has a great deal ofexperience at making the women in his life (and they are many) believe they arethe only one for him.  We will call theplayer, “Mr. Player-Player.”






Mr. Player-Player uses deceptive charm, coming across as very caring and sincere.  In his repertoire of charms, he creates the seemingly ultimate romantic experience.  Among them are: 


1) Well-timed phone calls and emails simply to declare his love for you. 


2) Momentous declarations of how you are the perfect woman.  Every flaw you ever hated about yourself, he sees as utter beauty. 


3)  Flowers, candy,sweet emails all expressing and declaring his undying love for you.


At this point, you are probably unable to see anything wrong with a man who expresses his love for you in such a creative manner.  After all, what woman wouldn’t want to be swept off her feet with romance and declarations of unfailing love from the Boaz of her dreams?  Well, what you areunable to see behind all the clouds of pseudo-love is that, you are not theonly one that Mr. Player-Player has stung with his deadly and deceptive scorpion’s tail.  His smooth and charming cover prevents you from discovering that the very same things he said to you,he is saying and doing them with other women at the same time.  These exact same, sweet and charming acts hehas caused you to experience, he performs with countless other women.  He has manipulated and tricked them all into believing they are the ultimate love of his life.  The power of his seduction has deceived countless well-meaning and unsuspecting women who have no idea that they are being played.  He is an expert at creating multiple romantic involvements with women. 




In explaining the power of deception and the false heartto His disciples, Jesus said:  “Beware offalse prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they areravening wolves” (Matthew 7:15). Although this message was about false prophets, the principle ofdeception is clear.  Anything false iseither not true or not correct.  Jesusexposes the nature and tactics of false prophets is to dress so as to appear true.  They come as wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Outwardly, they seem harmless, as alamb.  Sheep are non-confrontational andhumble in nature.  The sheep’s clothingis a tool of deception used by those walking in falsehood.  Deception hides what is truly inside them…thecharacter and nature of a wolf, a carnivorous animal.  They love to eat flesh.  The nature of a wolf is spirituallyemblematic for a person who walks in carnality and sin, withoutconviction.  A wolf is from the DOGfamily (DOG = Dealing Out Garbage).  In Scripture, dogs are anything in your life that treats you with cruelty, greed (avarice) or rapacious. 


A Cruel person is one who willfully or knowingly causesyou pain.  A greedy person   is one who is filled with an INORDINATEdesire for wealth and profit.  They don’t mind exploiting your gifts and connections for their own gain.  Finally, a rapacious nature is a person whois predatory.  They feed off others forthe purpose extortion.  This takes greedto another level.  The rapacious personis so steeped in greed that they will even use the gifts of the Spirit to extract money and material gain from you. 




Mr. Player-Player is typically a great liar and liesquite often, not only about their other relationships, but about themselves, their daily life, and false promises. He is a man who tries to manage several relationships all at once.  However, his ultimate goal is to achieve sexual pleasure with you for himself. This man will  never commit to a woman.  So the onlything you gain is a fast road to heart break hotel.  An inspection of his past will reveal a man who engages in many one-night-stands or short relationships with many people at once, without committing to any of them.




Woman of God, there are three things that will give you an advantage in revealing Mr. Player-Player the wolf:  First, his reputation will expose his evilpast.  If you suspect your potential Boaz of being a player, invest in time to check out his past.  If he is a player, his reputation will reveal it. 


Secondly, the discernment of the Holy Ghost will prompt you that something is not right, even though he seems to be kind.  Remember, patience causes deception to showitself.  When men walk in deception, they have a real need to operate quickly to avoid deception.  Do not allow them to push or rush you into a relationship with them.  Walk slowly inpatience.  That same patience will force them to reveal their true nature.


Lastly, the fruit of their life reveals their true nature.   Regarding false prophets, Jesus said, “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” (Matthew 7:16).  This is the simplest way to determine if a man is a player. Whatever he acts like is what he is. Does he cuss?  Is he easily angered? Does he talk about a sexual escapade with you a little too much? These are all tale-tell signs of his true heart and nature.  Don’t excuse the behavior.  Rather, except it at face value.  Remember, a wolf will act like a wolf.  Though he is wearing a false nature, eventually the wolf will appear.  A sheep is a sheep AT ALL TIMES.  A sheep never acts like a wolf.

Much love to you!


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