The Purpose of the Woman Ministry to Women

"Shaping Women into the Image of Christ"

Ministry to Single Moms

Our ministry to single mothers builds healthy single-parent families by helping them work through the trauma of divorce, separation, and death of a spouse, and to find life.  There are separate sessions for parents and for children so the whole family can benefit from this ministry.


Forums and printed materials give single parents mutual support as they share personal experiences, pain, and frustrations and begin the healing process.  Moms will find practical guidance for surviving and growing within the context of a one-parent family.  Parents are also equipped to better understand their children's behavior patterns and provide appropriate care.  The ministry is designed to cover critical issues that single parents and their children face.  The study materials below are provided at no charge by this ministry.  Simply click on the link and either save or print the file at your leisure.


Study materials such as:

Focuses on “Embracing Singleness.”  Participants learn the Biblical concept of “single” and the significance of maintaining a moral social life.  Each class involves full and free discussion of participants sharing their feelings on overcoming the pressures of the single life.  Additional subjects are:  The Single Parent and Work; The Other Parent; and Finding Inner Strength.    
  • Helping Children Cope - After the Break-Up
A series of lessons designed to help single parents address the needs of the children of divorce and/or separation.  Each lesson focuses on issues peculiar to parenting children from birth through the pressures of being a teenager.
  • Help for my children (Discerning Depression in Teens)        
  • The Single Parent and Work 

  • The Other Parent
  • Finding Inner Strength
  • Death of a Dream

This life after divorce/life after death topic concern the diverse issues associated with the needs of single parents adjusting to “being single again.”  The lessons includes strategy for divorce and grief recovery. It aims to identify and resolve issues that prevent the single parent from finding wholeness after divorce or after the decease of a spouse. 

Anger is one of the stages of grief resulting from divorce or the loss of a spouse.  This lesson highlights some of the reasons for anger and explores the sources of anger as well as how to deal with anger spiritually.

  •   The Power of Forgiveness
  • Singleness is Not Aloneness
  • Remarriage
  • The Whole Armor of God


Additional topics assist single parents to help kids cope; be independent and responsible; stand on the promises of God; and teach them how to hold up under financial pressures.

Ministry to Children & Teens Parented by Singles

One of the devastating things about divorce is that it affects children.  Even those who appear to have adjusted well are often struggling inside with churning emotions and grief.  Children need to share their feelings with other single-parent children and with caring adults who will gently listen to and support them in the healing process.  There is no better place for this to occur than within the context of the church.

This unique children’s ministry meets on the same nights and at the same time as the parents’ small group ministry.  21 active learning sessions will help children:

  • acknowledge their feelings
  • process their pain, denial, guilt, and anger
  • regain their self-esteem
  • move toward healing and wholeness
  • feel loved, comfortable, and free to communicate what is going on inside
  • experience God’s Love

Each age-graded materials for children:

  • attention-getting opening activities
  • age-appropriate crafts
  • original, relevant stories
  • active games, role plays, and skits
  • stimulating discussion questionss

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